Kelsey (director)
Shaun (dp)
Tilly (mascot)

Bean Dog Films is a full-service production company and creative firm that builds story-rich branded video content, broadcast commercials, digital advertising and documentaries for ad agencies, artists, athletes, NGOs and individuals worldwide.

What's a Bean Dog? Just a nickname for our three-legged mutt, Tilly. She's a lover and a fighter; always going hard for the ball, hard for your love, and hard for adventure. Any struggle she faces by nature of her constitution is met with remarkable ingenuity. We borrowed the moniker to live up to the high bar she sets for getting after it and showing up to the world with max enthusiasm, moxie, and heart.

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 Our Values


balls to the wall

Tilly models the kind of hustle and all-in attitude we aspire to live up to every day at work. Our goal is to make meaning of every day and each project with full-throttle effort and a grateful heart. Bean Dog Films is about summoning something gnarly and beautiful from within to make excellent content with a positive attitude, fresh perspective, and a little panache. 




If we don’t think your project needs two cameras or a techno crane or Derek Jeter as primary talent, we’ll tell you that in our treatment. If we do think your project needs two cameras and a techno crane and Derek Jeter as primary talent, we’ll tell you that too. You can expect us to keep it ambitious while keeping it real. 

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boutique x bespoke


Like one of those kiddo washcloths that expand in bathwater, our organization is designed to scale. The A-team fits at a 6-top, and we power up with anywhere from 10 to 50 quality crew to meet the gig’s demands. Much to our producers’ chagrin, Kelsey and Shaun touch every treatment, bid, shot-list, script, and production bible along the way to ensure a tailor-made experience for every project, every time. Some FAQs: Do you write? Scout? Can you do post? Color? Do you own your own equipment and lenses? Yes, yes and yes. All this while training for triathlon and keeping a fiddle leaf fig tree alive.


better together


Diversity is dynamic. For every project, we commit to hiring half the picture: a parity of highly qualified crew that we hope carves a little more room for women to make a living wage and thrive in the film industry. Depth on the bench makes our work 200% better. Women and people of color make up way more than half the picture on planet earth, our sets (and yours) should reflect that makeup. 

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be a good human


From pre-production to the final edit, we hope our clients and vendors walk away from the creative process feeling respected, valued, and (gasp!) like they had a little fun along the way. Good vibes are contagious. Let’s pay it forward.