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Covenhoven Covenhoven Covenhoven Covenhoven

In the autumn of 2017, we headed to Big Sur with Joel to retrace the steps in writing his latest album, A Kind of Revelation. We shot as a teaser trailer doc to the album which will be released on vinyl in 2018.


Covenhoven | Album Trailer

Fin Art-small Fin Art-big Fin Art Fin Art

Rob, Ben and helping hand James meld together vintage materials into masterful pieces of modern furniture. Here's a glimpse into what they put into each project. Filmed/produced solo, using all natural and existing practical light.


Fin Art

Plant with Purpose Plant with Purpose Plant with Purpose Plant with Purpose

We worked along side Plant with Purpose to tell the story of Alier in the hills outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. It started with Alier hearing about Plant with Purposes work in neighboring communities and ended with a cistern that would change and empower his entire village.


Plant with Purpose | Alier

Slipstitch Slipstitch Slipstitch Slipstitch

A sliver of Andrea "Slipstitch" Erion's story. Commissioned by First Descents, a Colorado-based non-profit organization that gives a free outdoor adventure experience trip to young adults who are fighting cancer.


First Descents | Andrea Erion